Welcome to south coast tattoo. Open for ink since 2009 , We are a professional and modern tattoo studio with a focus on progressive design in the heart of Worthing. All artists here are competent freehand tattooists capable of producing unique tattoo art , in a range of styles to the highest quality. Resident artists Jason and Toni have apprenticed and worked in professional shops and have over 25 years tattooing between them. Lewis and Sarah have apprenticed in south coast tattoo, they are both illustration and fine art graduates .We are always available for a chat about your tattoo ideas and will give you friendly no nonsense advice on how to bring your ideas to life. Feel free to pop in any time to speak with the artists here at South Coast Tattoo. No consultation appointment needed.

In a time when “tattoo shops ” seem to be popping up every where , we keep a real , professional and experienced service you can trust that keeps our customers coming back again and again. 

Resident artists

Jason Ross

Jason opened south coast tattoo in early 2009 . Prior to this he worked 3 years in the well loved and long established Blue Dragon in Brighton . Here he got to grips with the demands of working in a busy seaside shop . Jason has also worked and apprenticed in shops in south London with help and influence from several professional tattooists . He has tattooed on the road in Asia , Australia and New Zealand and loves to refer to his travels as a source of design inspiration. Jason has a fast and fluid tattoo style and will confidently draw freehand straight onto the skin to give you a completely unique design . He likes to work on designs with a figurative or oriental theme , has a long background in design and illustration and a keen knowledge of historical art . ..

All the tattoos in Jason’s gallery are designed by him. A service that is not additional to the cost of your tattoo.


Toni giurizzato Olivera

First thing you will notice about Toni is his happy can do attitude , then you can’t help but be equally happy with his fantastic attention to detail and pin sharp work .

From 2001 Toni trained and worked in a well respected shop in São Paulo in his native brazil . Then he moved on to tattoo in Italy , Switzerland , Spain , London and now worthing! ( Toni loves Sussex .. Ask him ! ) we have been pleased to have Toni here as a resident artist since 2010 . He produces some of the best freehand polenisian style tattoos , insanely detailed imagery and true to life portraits and has a big following with pretty and cute tattoos also .


Sarah Van Crugten

Sarah is our new edition to our talented team. After tattooing Sarah, and seeing her work on-line, we decided to offer her an apprenticeship. A year and a half of hard work later, Sarah is a valued part of our team, and is now ready to take on small projects and usually available for walk ins. She enjoys tattooing neo traditional pieces, mandalas and girlie pieces.


We hope you found these small biopics helpfully in assisting you choose the artist for you , now here’s a little info about the shop and our ethic .


We like to keep the shop friendly and relaxed and at the same time we maintain a high level of tattooing that requires concentration so we ask that you DONT bring infants or children with you to south coast tattoo , for obvious reasons .

You may wish to bring a friend with you for support or to be the first to congratulate you on your kick ass tattoo , but they will have to wait in the waiting room during the procedure .

If you are held up or going to be late for your tattoo, please let us know. Please don’t ask us to replicate other peoples tattoos from your Iphone . We are more than happy to produce unique designs for you and don’t like to rip other people’s work. Please don’t ask us to finish home made disasters . We are PROFESSIONAL TATTOOISTS and our work looks nothing like kitchen wizards or bogus shops . We will be happy to commiserate with you , cover their mistakes up for you or provide you with an effective laser treatment .

We are largely a CUSTOM DESIGN TATTOO shop meaning every tattoo is produced specifically for you . With that in mind try to get a good idea of what you may want to have tattooed before you come to us. Photos, sketches books etc etc of the kind of direction you want to go . Then we discuss what may be right for you , agree on a design , take a deposit , book you in and produce a sketch in that order

Many of you want COVER UPS . Before you come in ,imagine you don’t have a bad tattoo you want rid of . Imagine what tattoo you would like on that part of your body and we can either make that work or offer you an alternative , it rarely has to be a big black tattoo . We do offer Laser treatments which are extremely useful in lightening your tattoo prior to covering up. Usually it can take as few as three treatments to lighten your tattoo adequately to get excellent cover up results. Please look at our laser section for more information. 


We don’t operate an HOURLY RATE price structure. All our artist tattoo at a different rate (as do all artists in every shop) an experienced tattooist will tattoo a lot faster than a newbie so an hourly rate would be silly. We give you a set price for your tattoo, that way you don’t get the open ended price of an hourly rate. We don’t smoke , call our girlfriends or scratch our asses on your time either!

We charge a day rate for large ongoing work and work from 11 to 5.30