Laser Tattoo Removal


FADE unwanted tattoo art for effective cover up. Gone is the need for heavy dark cover up tattoos. laser treatments fades outdated ink allowing a cover up design to be with little or no compromise.
REMOVE tattoos both permanent and cosmetic completely with a course of laser treatments. the amount of sessions required is dependent on size , depth and amount of pigments used.
CORRECT poorly applied amateur tattoos can be easily corrected with treatment. Blown lines , small or large imperfections can be erased to correct and improve the overall look of a tattoo.


Want to know more?

Q switch ND Yag laser targets tattoo pigment, breaking it down allowing the body to absorb the pigment.

Repeated treatments can completely remove most tattoos, or with only a small number of treatments tattoos, even dark heavy tribal can be lightened enough to cover or update.

Laser treatment is also suitable for removing semi permanent makeup in order to refresh or change your look. 

Treatments are by appointment only 
NO FUSS NO WHITE COATS just effective laser treatments by a fully qualified and experienced technician.

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